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Le Crumble Original 60ml E-liquid
Crumble flavor that translates into vaping a delicious crumbly mixture of butter and flour perfectly cooked over sweet apples seasoned with brown sugar.
Le Paris-Brest Original 60ml E-liquid
The Paris-Brest is a traditional French pastry in the form of a crown made of choux pastry and a praline flavoured cream. Perfect for a vape full of shades.
L'Opéra Original 60ml E-liquid
Created in France, the Opéra is a delightful pastry made of coffee, ganache and butter cream with a chocolate topping. A very gourmet vape!
Le Pain d'épices Original 60ml E-liquid
Pain d'épices is a French gingerbread cake made with rye flour, honey and spices. A vape with Alsacian roots.
Le P'tit Beurre Original 60ml E-liquid
A delicious shortbread biscuit reminiscent of the beautiful era. A gourmet e-liquid in 40PG and 60VG. Vape Shakes 60ml with a Nic Up booster.
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